film on swami vivekananda

TRICOLOUR PRODUCTIONS is an Indian Motion Film Production & Media Company. The year 2011 marks the inception of TRICOLOUR PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD. The company was incorporated as an effort to keep intact the rich spiritual heritage of India. The idea of Making the film on The Life Of Swami vivekananda first surfaced in the year 1963, through a student's dream and after 50 years the dream came true and as a result the film "The Light Swami Vivekananda" was made and is now ready for online viewing in three languages (Hindi, Bengali & English), and it will be available very soon in 5 other languages (Tamil, Telegu, Gujrathi, Marathi & Oriya). TRICOLOUR PRODUCTIONS Pvt. Ltd. is committed to make such meaningful films in future.

Vivekananda was the first person to visualize the need for religious harmony in international community for the formation of a peaceful world when he expressed his thoughts in his soul-searching address in September 18th, 1893 before the world of parliament of religion at Chicago.The message which he delivered more than 100 years ago are still relevant in the most modern and scientifically advanced world where harmony and peace are more important in today’s unrest world. He focused on the problems regarding widened inequality between poor and rich and growing intolerance among different religious faiths.Swamiji is one of the greatest philosopher and thinker of the world who spreaded message of his master Sri Ramakrishna with emphasis on “Service to mankind as service to God” and development of trust and respect among the follower of the different religions.The biopic “The Light Swami Vivekananda” depicts the life and the teachings of Swami Vivekananda where ordinary human being can get courage and attain self-realization.